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Superlinked is a compute framework for your information retrieval and feature engineering systems, focused on turning complex data into vector embeddings.

Vectors power most of what you already do online - hailing a cab, finding a funny video, getting a date, scrolling through a feed or paying with a tap. And yet, building production systems powered by vectors is still too hard! Our goal is to help enterprises put vectors at the center of their data & compute infrastructure, to build smarter and more reliable software.
Daniel Svonava, CEO at Superlinked

The Vector Stack for Complex Data

Put vectors into production with a reliable and efficient vector compute solution.

Multi-modal Vectors
Combine text, images and structured metadata into multi-modal vectors that fully describe your entities in their complex context.
Multi-objective Queries
Smoothly navigate the trade-off between multiple competing objectives like relevance, freshness and popularity.
Infrastructure as Code
Manage the compute layer that sits between your data infrastructure and your vector database through a simple python SDK.

Multiple Use-Cases, One System

Solve your information retrieval and feature engineering challenges with vectors.

Combine semantic relevance and document freshness to reliably retrieve the optimal document chunks in your Retrieval Augmented Generation system.
Combine semantic relevance and document freshness in your search system, because more recent results tend to be more accurate.
Build a real-time personalized e-commerce product feed with user vectors constructed from SKU embeddings the user interacted with.
Discover behavioral clusters of your customers using a vector index in your data warehouse.

Implement Once,
Run Everywhere

From the initial exploration to production using the same Python SDK.

Your Vector
Compute Team

We have over 160 years of experience building machine learning infrastructure, planet-scale software and companies.

Open Roles
Marci Mayer
Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
Ben Gutkovich
Co-founder & COO
Laura Lehoczki
Senior Data Engineer
Peter Szabo
Senior Data Infrastructure Engineer
Dorka Törő
Operations Associate
Arunesh Singh
Design & Product Insights
Daniel Svonava
Co-founder & CEO
Mór Kapronczay
Senior Machine Learning Engineer
Gergő Gulyás
Senior Software Engineer
Krisztián Gajdár
Senior Software Engineer
Balázs Kemenes
Head of Engineering
György Móra
Chief Architect
Claire Whittaker
Head of Ecosystem
Eli Shtraikher
Head of Professional Services
Teddy Grosz
Senior Software Engineer
Neil O'Neill
Business Operations Manager
Andrey Pikunov
Machine Learning Engineer
Harshil Patel
Sales Manager


Let’s launch vectors into production

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