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As every successful business-owner knows, networking is an ongoing process. Finding new ways to meet great contacts is the lifeblood of most successful businesses. I know Superlinked has changed us for the better as an organisation and I’m excited about the future for our members!

Zoey Toy

CM, Beacon

The client

When it comes to networking, you don’t get much more respected than Philadelphia-based group, Beacon. True to its strapline ‘Networking for Life’, the organisation has supported the success of its carefully selected membership base of executives and business leaders for more than 20 years.

The challenge

While Beacon were already very effective at attracting high calibre members, they wanted to do more to deliver on their core promise: to create and nurture relationships of trust and provide valuable connections.A key obstacle was the amount of manual effort that Beacon’s Community Manager had to expend to make, moderate and manage introductions between members. Beacon also weren’t able to track the progress or success of those matches. This lack of transparency extended to very low or no levels of feedback from members after introductions were made. The other issue, common to many networking groups, was when members found that some matches were inequitable or ineffective due to not being relevant enough to meet their goals.  Added to these challenges was the impact of the ‘new normal’ as a result of the global pandemic. The shift from face-to-face to fully online networking highlighted Beacon’s need to increase opportunities for digital connections between members and to make some key membership benefits accessible virtually. However, finding a way to achieve this was proving challenging.

The experience

Doing things differently can be daunting at first. But thanks to Superlinked’s smart AI doing all the heavy lifting, set-up proved to be very easy for Beacon’s Community Manager. Plus, instead of spending time manually matching members, they are now able to focus on strategic tasks such as attracting more high-profile members to the group.Like most networking communities, Beacon is made up of people with varying levels of technical knowhow and confidence. But, as the results show, this hasn’t been an issue, thanks to Superlinked’s highly intuitive one-minute sign up process - and the fact that there’s nothing to download.

On target for more networking success

With more time freed up to grow their membership, Beacon are looking forward to facilitating many more high-quality matches and business connections.

The app has helped people to get to know each other and feel connected. It has made my job easier as I don’t have to match people manually. The matches are also tailored to the members’ needs whereas before it was all done randomly.

Zoey Toy

CM, Beacon

Members love it!

[My match] was encouraging and helpful in providing direction for me.


Consulting Business Owner

Excellent conversation!


Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs

You did a great job with my match - I have a very actionable follow up!


IT Director, Pharmaceuticals