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Let your members plug in their socials, sit back and watch us deliver the most relevant intros they have ever received, within your existing community stack.


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Retention rate after 3 months

20+ high-impact communities rely on Superlinked


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smart, simple, fresh

Runs on Email

  • Runs on Email

Email opt-ins and intros for maximum member reach.

Actually Smart

  • Actually Smart

Uses the Social AI that also powers our platform clients.

Simple & Seamless

  • Simple & Seamless

3-click sign up, 1-click weekly opt-in, 0 babysitting.

Easy Scheduling

  • Easy Scheduling

1-click call scheduling with a booking link support.

Beyond Community

  • Beyond Community

Works for social, newsletter & podcast audiences too!


  • Free

We work with select communities to give back.

Case Studies

Just add networking!

Zoey Toy

CM, Beacon

Our networking group now gets 2x more intros a week

The app has helped people to get to know each other and feel connected. It has made my job easier as I don’t have to match people manually.

Evan Hynes

CEO, Climatebase

Course participants that used Superlinked had 30% higher NPS

The Superlinked app has brought our cohort together in a seamless way, helping to drive the success of the Climatebase Fellowship and our cohort even further than we thought possible!

Hector Mason

VC, The Stage

We added a networking feature to our startup pitch event - easy!

Superlinked helped us add a whole new dimension to The Stage - many of the founders are still connecting weeks after the event - it's great to see!


A simple way to connect people

  1. Create a network

Takes about 5 minutes - you'll need your logo, short description and member categories.

  1. Launch your network

Onboard members from a list or through an invite link. Easy with our guide and templates.

  1. Sit back

Watch your KPIs go up in our dashboard, get member success stories & let us sweat the ops.